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About Cressida..

Neves Pereira drove all the way from Kuwait to Goa in his Toyota Cressida through Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Goa during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990.

"Iraqi soldiers stormed into my work place Ministry of Electricity & Water, Head office, on August 2, 1990 while I was on duty.

On October 6, 1990 armed soldiers stopped me while I was on my way to supermarket and made me drive them to Mosul (Iraq). The situation in Kuwait was life threatening and driving back to Kuwait meant passing through 100s of check points. At any one checkpoint my car could have been taken by the soldiers. So I thought it best to head for the nearest exit point of Iraq. I drove to Zako (Iraq-Turkey) border where I met Jackson Pereira from Rawanfond Navelim with his BMW. At Zako I was detained along with many other refugees from various Nationalities till December 12,1990. On December 13 I crossed into Turkey with my Toyota Cressida and drove to Goa, India via Iran and Pakistan. I arrived in India on December 30, 1990 and reached my home in Goa on January 6th the day of the 3 Kings Feast.

The mental and physical pain and anguish and fear of death at the hands of many bandits I encountered en-route to India is beyond description. The only evidence I have of my travel from Kuwait to India and all the way driving by road are these photographs and many entries made in my passport."

Neves opened up a Photo Studio in his tiny coastal village Utorda in the Year 1993 and named it after his car CRESSIDA.

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